Questions & Answers

What is a solar panel?
A solar panel consists of solar cells. A PV panel is a solar panel. PV stands for "Photo (light) Voltaic (electricity)". This means converting light into electricity. That is why solar panels are also called PV panels. Even when it is cloudy, solar panels generate electricity.
Is my home suitable for solar panels?
You don't buy solar panels every day. It is therefore important to know whether the property is suitable for solar panels and whether they achieve sufficient returns. To clarify this for you, our advisers always visit you personally at home. This way you know which and how many solar panels are suitable for your home.
On which roofs can solar panels be placed?
Our solar systems can be installed on a flat or sloping roof. Do you want to know if your roof is suitable for solar panels? Make an appointment with our consultant:  We would be happy to visit you so we can discuss the possibilities for installing solar panels at your home. This visit/advice is entirely without obligation. Our consultants are specialized in the field of solar panels and will give you thorough advice in a personal meeting, taking into account your wishes and home.
How much does a solar system cost?
The costs of installing a solar panel system are very dependent on your home. For this reason alone we will never give a definitive offer without seeing the house first. Like you, we don't like surprises afterwards. However, provisional quotation is possible by means of the Google Earth application.
Can I use my solar power immediately?
Hell yes! The electrical consumption in your house is initially fed from your solar panels. Are you short, for example in the evening then you just buy extra from the net. Do you produce more then you use, during sunny days or when you are on holiday, then you simply deliver back to the net.
Can I sell back the unused energy?

Your system is connected to the national grid and you will be paid by your electricity company for generating and exporting electricity.

When the power is off, will my solar panels still work?
When there is no power at home (for example due to power failure), the solar panels do not provide any power to the grid. If the power fails, the inverter will switch itself off for safety reasons.
How long does the installation of the solar panels on my roof take?
The starting point for the realization of a private solar installation is that the installation time is one working day, depending on the size of the system.